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2019 Wrap Up

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

As we end the year, we can’t help but be reflective and feel sentimental. Looking back on 2019, we are beyond grateful for the events that we've hosted here at Stanley Social and the memories we have shared with so many incredible individuals. This space isn’t just an event space, it’s personal. It’s home. So, to ring in the New Year in the best way possible, we’ve decided to wrap up Stanley highlights of 2019 for you all!

Youtube Black

Image courtesy of Stanley Social

This event is very close to our hearts here at Stanley. Part of the YouTube diversity family dinner series, YouTube Black chose to celebrate here with us. Not only was it part of the diversity family dinner series, but the event was also in honor of Black History Month. Musicians, artists, and influencers joined together to watch these amazing performances, sing along, take a bunch of pictures, and dance with their friends. We are so incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to not only recognize, but also commemorate black creators on such a special night.

BH Cosmetics

Image courtesy of Stanley Social

In March, we had the pleasure of working with Wife of the Party to host the BH Cosmetics palette launch party. The theme, #RAGEWITHBH completely transformed Stanley’s unique space with bright colors, decorations, and personalities. We were fortunate enough to have a well-loved group of beauty gurus and influencers all together in one place to celebrate this beautiful color palette and dance the night away. Looking back on these pictures, we feel as though this night was a fantasy and we stepped into a dream world bursting with neon.

Atypical Wrap Party

Image courtesy of Stanley Social

Stanley fell even more in love with Netflix in 2019. In June, we were lucky enough to host the Atypical family for their wrap party with @wendyparkerevents. After a long, hardworking season, the cast was ready to celebrate and enjoy some quality time with their co-workers. Highlights of this event included a beautiful, glistening ice luge with “Atypical” carved into it and a too-pretty-to eat donut wall with Cake Goodness donuts. Guests at the event could walk by and nom on a donut all night in between mingling and dancing. If you haven’t yet, definitely start binging Atypical, you’ll be hooked!

Booby Tape

Image courtesy of Stanley Social

Decked out in all pink everything; flowers, balloons, swing sets, couches, you name it, it was pink. Booby Tape’s US launch was one of our biggest productions yet. We were especially excited about this launch because this brand is made by women, for women, and we were all about girl power in 2019. Influencers and models filled the space taking stunning photos with an unforgettable backdrop. All around, Booby Tape made an everlasting impact in the US for its launch.

Bat Mitzvah “The Big 13”

Image courtesy of Stanley Social

More intimate celebrations, such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, also highlighted our 2019. For “The Big 13” Stanley worked closely with Kathleen Sachi and her company, The Fine Art of Events to create a perfect whimsical fairytale for the star of the night. The kids were battling it out at the foosball table, munching on donuts from the donut machine, and customizing their own sandals to take home. Adults enjoyed a fine dining experience where they had the opportunity to catch up with extended family members and close friends. We will never forget this special occasion (and the amount of Shirley Temples that were prepared for the enthusiastic kids).


Image courtesy of Rose Gold Heart Events

To end this amazing year, Stanley hosted yet another wrap party for Moxie, a new film due to be released on Netflix in 2020. We worked with the lovely Wendy Parker to put on this event and we transformed the space into a red wonderland covered with black and red balloons. Key features of this celebration included another ice luge carved with “Mi Campo” and “Moxie!”, an epic dessert table lined with every kind of yummy treat you could possibly imagine, as well as a giant heart-shaped donut display. Moxie even had their own specialty milkshake made with love by the Gourmeletas masters. Cast and crew were thrilled to toast to all the hard work and effort for this film to come together.

Cheers to 2019! We cannot wait to see what Stanley Social has in store for 2020; bring it on!

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