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BatMitzvah "The Big 13"





Amir Saidi Photography /

Stanley enjoyed a marvelous night of dancing, laughing, and celebrating. The wonderful Bat Mitzvah planned by @kathleensachi and her company, The Fine Art of Events, transformed Stanley into a magical and whimsical fairyland with a vibrant flower wall where families and friends took adorable photos all night then twirled on the neon pink dance floor. The addition of the foosball table was a huge hit amongst the children as they teamed up to play epic games and added to the fun atmosphere. We can’t forget the delicious donut machine that served up specialty desserts all night long with a long list of sugary toppings. To top it all off, children had the opportunity to visit the spray paint sandal station and create their own design as a takeaway gift. Shirley Temples were rapidly prepared for enthusiastic children while the adults had the opportunity to sit down and relax with a gorgeous dinner on the other side of the space. Kathleen planned the perfect party that catered to both children and adult interests all while commemorating the shining star of the night. We loved getting the chance to experience this exceptional occasion!

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