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Best Spots for a Picnic in LA

Maintaining any sort of  social life during a global pandemic is hard – there’s so many people we want to see and places we want to go that are a little out of reach right now. With California's Covid numbers still rising, it’s so important to practice social distancing, but there’s ways to catch up with those old friends without risking it all.  So for when your laptop starts overheating from zoom calls, and Netflix starts asking “are you still there?”, hop in your car and head to these favorite picnic spots!

All you need is a friend, two blankets, some food, and a view! LA has so much to offer in terms of scenic outlooks that it won’t be hard to find somewhere to distance from each other, and the rest of the crowds. And, if your new flexible work hours allow it, try going at off-peak hours to lighten the load. These are our five tried-and-true spots, but don’t be afraid to explore on your own to find the perfect secret spot for you and your friends! 

Tip: Check out these articles on our blog for take-out ideas before you go!

*check websites for updated information on closures and restrictions , 

1. Griffith Park

Photo courtesy of Jason Daniel Shaw

With one of the most iconic views in Los Angeles, the park surrounding Griffith Observatory makes for the perfect picnic spot. Did you know it’s actually one of the largest urban parks in the United States and is five times the size of central park?! There’s multiple spots within the park to picnic, so if one spot looks crowded there’s plenty more to explore. Be sure to go at off-peak times to avoid the crowds and wear your masks!

2. Palisades Park

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Palisades Park is one of the best spots to watch the sunset from and is super accessible. Located just above Santa Monica Beach, Palisades Park sits between Colorado Ave and Adeilade Dr on Ocean Ave. It’s the perfect place to lay out a blanket, do some people watching, and watch the sunset

3. El Matador Beach

Photo Courtesy of California Beaches

El Matador Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Malibu, and it’s so worth carrying your picnic down the steep stairs! Along the shore are some beautiful arches that make for the perfect picnic setting. It’s usually quieter than Malibu Creek, but can get busy on weekends. 

4. Piuma Road Overlook

Photo Courtesy of MRCA

If you’re looking to go for a scenic drive, then stop off at the David M. Brown Overlook for one of the best views in Los Angeles. Located on Piuma Drive off Las Virgenes Canyon, you might miss this overlook as you round the bend, but it’s definitely worth stopping to check out – especially at sunset.

6. Lake Balboa Park

Photo Courtesy of LA Parks

Situated conveniently between the 101 and 405, this quiet and shady park has plenty of space to set up a distanced picnic. There’s a beautiful lake with over 2000 cherry blossom trees, making for some very relaxing picnic scenery! There’s bike and jogging paths too so you can make a day of it with some exercise first!

Happy picnicking!


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