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MOXIE Wrap Party

Updated: Feb 19






Stanley Social was delighted to host the cast of MOXIE, a new Netflix Movie, for their wrap-up celebration. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the movie as it is Amy Poehler's second Netflix feature and the cast was ready to finally have a moment in their hectic schedules to commemorate all of their efforts. @wendyparkerevents yet again planned a beautiful night for the cast to enjoy. Stanley was amazingly decorated with MOXIE’s red, white and black theme colors showing pride for the film. These colors popped in the eye-catching balloon installation made by @rosegoldheartevents and guests did not hesitate to snap some memorable pictures in front of it. The guests could also be found devouring indulgent treats, including sweet cinnamon churros, by @cakegoodness. At the center of it all, an ice sculpture carved with “MOXIE!” glistened by the bar. Our favorite part of the night was Amy giving a heartfelt thank you to every single cast and crew member; it touched the hearts of every single person in the room!

We were so thrilled to be a part of this wrap party and cannot wait to watch the movie once released on Netflix.


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