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Our Favorite Restaurants Open Now

Due to the current state of the world, many restaurants have been closed for months. However, now, many are opening up with updated policies for the safety of their customers. Below, is a list of our favorite restaurants that are open all over the LA area!

Malibu Farm Restaurant (Malibu)

Photo courtesy of Malibu Pier

The Malibu Farm Restaurant is located on the Malibu pier. It has beautiful views and lots of options for outdoor seating. It is known for its healthy seafood dishes. The restaurant is currently taking reservations. We recommend this restaurant for its ocean side experience.

Edo Little Bites (Pacific Palisades)

Photo courtesy of Circling the News Photo courtesy of Palisades Village

Located in the Palisades Village, Edo Little Bites has everything one would want for a casual Italian lunch. They have delicious paninis, pastas, and more to choose from. They also have various drinks and pastries. Edo Little Bites is Edoardo Baldi’s newest restaurant and can be found at the Grove and in Beverly Hills as well. In the Palisades, outdoor seating is available at their tables or on the grass.

Tartine Bakery (Santa Monica)

Photos courtesy of Yelp

Tartine Bakery is not your typical bakery. It’s located in an old church in Santa Monica and is known for its delicious, freshly made pastries, bread, and dishes. They have seating inside and on their outside patio. We highly recommend this new and upcoming spot!

Gjusta (Venice)

Photos courtesy of Local Wanderer

Created by Gjelina, Gjusta was made to be a more casual option for customers. The restaurant offers delicious baked goods and dishes. You can get anything to-go at the counter, or you can sit in their patio area to dine-in. It is beautifully designed with rustic aspects and plants. This is a great place to relax, enjoy the scenery, and eat fresh food.

Bianca Bakery (Culver City)

Photos courtesy of Eater LA

Bianca Bakery is located in the Platform mall in Culver City. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu is influenced by the owners’ roots - Italian, Argentinian, and French. One dish that we love is the penne madeo. There is patio dining available.

Terra at Eataly L.A. (Century City)

Photo courtesy of Studios Architecture

Located in the Century City Mall, Terra is a rooftop restaurant created by Eataly L.A. It has a large patio for lots of seating options and beautiful views of the city. The food is delicious as is all food at Eataly L.A. They are currently open for reservations on their patio.

KazuNori (Westwood)

Photo courtesy of KazuNori

If you're ever in need of a quick bite, head to KazuNori for their delicious handrolls. All of your favorites are still available at KazuNori in the Westwood Village. Although they don't have patio dining, the restaurant is avidly ensuring the health of their workers and customers.

The Rooftop by JG (Beverly Hills)

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor Photo courtesy of Open Table

The Rooftop by JG is located on the beautiful rooftop of the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. It is 12 stories up. They have lots of outdoor seating with views of the hills of Beverly Hills. Not only will you enjoy the view, but you will also love the food. They have many American classics with a sophisticated twist on their menu.

Bacari W. 3rd (West Hollywood)

Photo courtesy of Eater LA

Bacari W. 3rd is located in West Hollywood. It has a beautiful outdoor area with lots of seating for customers. The menu has a mix of classics like its pizzas and burger and more sophisticated dishes like its shawarma tacos, mussels, and seared petit filet.

Little Sister (Downtown)

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Hospitality

Located in the Downtown LA, Little Sister is a great place to try amazing Vietnamese dishes. They have everything from salads to rolls to noodles and rice. Although they do not offer outdoor seating, the restaurant is open to eat inside with new safety precautions.

We hope you enjoy these restaurants as much as we do! Stay Safe!

Xx, Your Stanley Social Family

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