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The Ultimate Oscars Viewing Party

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

First, we had the Grammys, then the Super Bowl, now it’s time for the Oscars. By the end of February, you might just be partied out (....emphasis on the might). This one tends to be the longest of the TV events so we have compiled some tips for a perfect viewing party that you and all your guests can enjoy. We highly recommend that dress attire is required to make it a bit more fun when you watch your favorites on the red carpet.


Photo courtesy of Lauren Lamothe

When you think of the Oscars you automatically think of Champagne. A dynamic duo. A pair. Two peas in a pod. This isn’t even a tip for you all, this is a necessity for any Oscar party. Obvious, more fancy choices for Champagne would be Dom Perignon 2008, Veuve Clicquot, and Moet & Chandon Imperial. If you feel like sipping like the royals (Harry and Meghan, Will and Kate) then definitely invest in some Pol Roger Brut Champagne. If you really don’t care what you’re drinking, as long as it’s Champagne, Target is your place. You can find some great Champagne and Sparkling Wine options at great prices.

Oscar Ballot and Predictions

Photo courtesy of punchbowl

Prior to the start of the ceremony, have each guest fill out either a ballot or a prediction form for the night. You can even make bingo cards for your guests to play when things get a bit less exciting. Everyone loves some good friendly competition, especially when there are prizes involved. Amp up the stakes by having gift cards, special food or drinks, or tickets to a special event in town as prizes for those who have the most accurate predictions. It’s especially exciting to see what each guest chooses and to see their reactions when they get upset.

Gold Decorations

Photo courtesy of Lauren Lamothe

The color scheme is gold. All gold everything to match the bling of the Oscar award. Balloons are a great way to decorate the space as they make it a bit more lively and playful. We are in love with the gold-lettered balloons that you’ve seen all over Instagram for various Birthdays and special events. Add in some gold candles on your tables, gold cut out stars for the table or to hang on the walls, gold-accented cups and glasses, and some fresh flowers to mix in between. Your space will sparkle!


Photo courtesy of Goliath

Another quintessential Oscars element. Like we said before, this is a longer event so you’re going to need something consistent to nibble on the entire time. Just try to hold yourself back, don’t eat it all at the start like you would at a normal movie theater. Get creative with how you serve the popcorn and what kind of popcorn you serve. Whether you decide to serve it in giant gold bowls or give each guest their own special festive box or bag to refill whenever they need you can't go wrong. Add in some cheddar or caramel into the mix so guests have an array of options.

Decked Out Desserts

Photo courtesy of Lauren Lamothe

You have the champagne, you have the popcorn, now all you need is a fancy dessert to add into the mix. You can’t go wrong serving your guests the classics like chocolate-covered strawberries, star-shaped sugar cookies (with glitter sprinkles of course), and a brownie skillet. But, you can also go out of the box with desserts such as oreo truffles, white and dark chocolate cream cheesecake bars, and ice cream bonbons. Your guests will ride the sugar high through the whole ceremony.

Cheers to hoping that all your favorite nominees win!

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