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Wfie of The Party says:

“Nikita Dragun, AKA the Queen of Draguns, definitely lives up to the grandiose requests of royalty. For her birthday party – hosted by popular cosmetic subscription brand Ipsy – Nikita wanted the ambience to feel fun, flirty, and sexy. It’s such a delight when clients allow me to have freedom in creating their events, so I arranged for some whimsical elements blended into the nighttime festivities as a surprise for the birthday girl. The 'Thotland' theme included an all-white four-poster bed bedecked with pillows showcasing hand-drawn caricatures of Nikita. A huge stuffed teddy bear also sat atop the bed and quickly became a focal point for both playful and racy photos of Nikita and friends. Just behind this space, was a neon-lit 'jail' for crimes like “Pussy Stunting” and other naughty violations…”

To read more about this wild night at Stanley visit @WifeOfTheParty's blog:

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