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Valentine's Day with the Entrepreneur Organization

Updated: Feb 28, 2020






This Valentine’s Day, we had the opportunity to host the Entrepreneur Organization. with speaker Jessica O’Reilly. To celebrate this day of love, we welcomed speaker Jessica O’Reilly, sex and relationship expert and author of Hot Sex Tricks, Tips, and Licks.

We kicked off the evening with a cocktail mixer. Guests could be found mingling by the Premium Bar while snacking on luxurious charcuterie boards and specialty appetizers (our personal favorite was the refreshing Ceviche) from @tltfood. Afterward, Jessica invited the guests into our main lounge for an introduction. The men and women were then split up into two groups, so Jessica could speak to each gender.

As the men went first, the women gathered in the dining room for a delicious buffet of beet salad, fresh roasted vegetables, salmon, steak, and a delectable vegetarian tart. Of course, we can't forget the sweet treats in the atrium that included salted chocolates, mango mousse, and lemon mango meringue. When the groups switched, the women had their time with Jessica.

Jessica had amazing energy, enthusiasm, and was clearly very dedicated to her work. We learned so much while also having so much fun. This was such an excellent and unique way to spend our Valentine’s Day and the speakers that come to Stanley continue to impress us.

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