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Chloe Makhani

Director of Hospitality

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Franchesca Edhlund

Venue Manager


My name is Franchesca and I’m the Venue Manager for Stanley Social. I grew up in my dad’s venue in Downtown San Diego. We hosted all manner of events so I’ve been wiping down bars and studying event etiquette since I was 10 years old!


In my free time I like to write music, write fiction and do projects with friends. My favorite drink is probably a Zombie, you know, the drink on the menu with a warning not to exceed drinking 2.

I’m also an officer on the board for a nonprofit called Superliterate, aiming to put unused comics in the hands of LA’s foster children to promote literacy.


I love hospitality, I love the glorious excess that is special events and most of all, I love seeing the client smile when their event turns out even better than they had imagined!


Lauren Lamothe

Digital Media and Marketing Assistant 


My name is Lauren and I am the Digital Media and Marketing Assistant for Stanley Social. I am originally from New York and recently moved to Los Angeles after graduating from UW Madison.

In my free time, you can catch me updating my food website from my restaurant adventures, breaking a sweat at Barry's Bootcamp in Ingrid Clay's class, and spending time at the beach. Not to mention, I also go to Salt & Straw every Sunday for a double scoop in their delicious waffle cone. 

My favorite food is hard to say but if I had to pick one savory food it would be bread. In terms of sweets, it would have to be either chocolate cake or ice cream. My favorite drink would definitely be a Paloma. 

Digital media, marketing, and hospitality have always been a passion of mine. I love creating special client relationships and constantly communicating with others. It's amazing to watch a community grow based on a particular brand. What I adore most about the hospitality industry is providing a sense of comfort and the emphasis on the value of experiences. 


Sam Tiso

Bar Manager


My name is Sam and I am the Bar Manager for Stanley Social. I'm originally from Syracuse, though most of my bartending experience is from NYC, where i worked at a multitude of places, Grand Banks, Craft, and the Hideaway Tribeca probably being the most notable.

Outside of Stanley, I spend my time making sculptures, sculptural furniture, and some paintings. I Especially like to experiment with new and irregular techniques and materials for art, often using resins, waxes, silicones and rubbers along with organic material.

My favorite food is probably oysters! I can never get enough of them. I am particularly fond of oysters from the cold waters in the east coast, particularly Massachusetts and Prince Edward Island. My favorite drink is so difficult to pick, I really like rum or gin based drinks, and am very fond of tiki cocktails, though I tend to drink amaro on ice when I go to a bar.


My favorite part of hospitality is that it's fast paced and there's never a dull moment, as well as being able to constantly try new ingredients and experiment with recipes.

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